Services offered:

  1. ED (erictile dysfunction)
  2. Facials (ultraslim and Thermage)
  3. Ultraslim LED
  4. Lipo Laser / Red Light Therapy
  5. Thermage
  6. Ultrasound Cavitation
  7. Robotic Hair Restoration
  8. Peptide Therapy
  9. PRP, Stem Cell and Peptide Therapy

All of our program offer overall body fat loss, inch loss, weight loss and overall body % loss. See which one is the best for you. Call now for a free consultation of fill out the appointment schedule below go get your free consultation and body analysis.

  • 6 Week weight loss program (depending on your goals and body analysis you may need more treatments)
  • Combines LED red light technology (see below) for weight loss, body fat loss, inch loss and body fat % reduction
  • No exercise, drugs, pre-packaged foods, shakes or bars
  • Medical Physician supervised programs that include HCG Injections
  • We address three key area of permanent weight loss: Adrenal glands, Thyroid and the “gut”
  • Rapid, healthy weight loss without hunger or cravings
  • Boosts your metabolism while suppressing your appetite.
  • Patient assisted with dietary modifications and nutritional support
  • Previous patients have lost between 15 to 40 pounds depending on length of the program.
  • Our program addresses eating habits and recommends foods you buy at the grocery store.
  • We will track you throughout the program with measurements, body fat percent, body fat weight loss, BMI and other indicators.​
  • Financing available, no credit checks

Non invasive laser assisted or LED Ultraslim light programs for weight loss.

​Our FDA cleared Class II device LED Ultraslim light program is used to reduce body fat, body fat percent and inches. This program combines our weight loss program and LED red light technology that utilizes light energy to stimulate the fat cells to lose their round shape, releasing the intracellular fat, gradually allowing it to pass through the body’s normal metabolic process. This program combines LED light energy and following our dieting recommendations for the desired results.