New weight loss/body contouring treatment now offered!



I wanted to share our new exciting service at the office. We are now using Ultraslim Cold Red Light LED technology. The only FDA approved cold light therapy for immediate fat reduction and skin tightening. It works by using the energy of the Cold Red Light to trigger your cells to release the stored fat, following the same biological mechanisms they would under exercise program and good eating habits.

This is a noninvasive treatment that does not damage your cells, they simple empty the fat and the result is a loss of inches around your waist, thighs, arms or chin, starting immediately. We can target specific areas of your body that never seem to go away no matter how disciplined you are.

As we age fat accumulates in areas impossible to lose. Well, technology has advanced to provide safe, immediate results. Just picture after only the first treatment, losing inches immediately and feeling your clothes fit much better again.

There is no reason to carry that extra fat and toxins around one minute longer! We have all worked hard to reach the point we’re at in life, and sometimes it doesn’t seem fair when our bodies don’t represent who we are. The extra pounds are hurting your back and knees and preventing you from being active.

Well let me tell you that’s all changed, now you can look and feel the way you used to. Imagine a more fit and youthful looking you. Just think about the confidence in your body you will have once again.

You owe it to yourself, call us today 407-936-7999 and set up a free consultation.