I was skeptical that something so easy could work so well, but after only three treatments the results were obvious. I would recommend this to everyone.


I came in for three treatments and was very happy with the results. I wanted to tone up my abdomen and ended up losing 2 ½ inches in my stomach area. You can tell the difference and I am glad I got the treatments. Its totally worth it! Love the results!


Wonderful experience and the staff is excellent. I had 12 treatments and lost 8 ¼ inches, thank you


Dr Ross and his staff helped me get back to living a healthy lifestyle. I lost a little over 7 inches and I am pleased with the results. I will come back to treat a different area of my body to maximize the results.


I bought six treatments and choose to do my thighs. I lost 7 3/8 total inches total. My diet has changed completely over the past three weeks. Over all I feel much more healthy and thankful to Dr Ross and his staff for the opportunity


When I came I was afraid that it was going to be just “another” new fad, but after my 6 treatments I cannot be happier. Thanks Dr Ross.


My husband and I had the treatments done and we are very pleased with the results. First the doctor was amazing and very careful with every aspect of our health. The staff was great and very professional. The results could not be better and enjoyed every moment at Dr Ross’s office. We recommend it to all.

Thank you, guys, amazing


I didn’t really know what to expect from this process, but I must admit, with little effort on my part the results have been great. I’ve lost inches and pounds with the treatments in the mid-section, which looks nice. The staff appears to really care and wants to see success. I will consider coming back in the future and referring others


The best experience I’ve had in a “medical weight-loss facility. Dr Ross taught me about the importance of maintaining a healthy ideal weight, eating right to maximize results. His staff is talented and patient. I foe very comfortable in the care I received. Thank you, Dr Ross and staff


Overall experience was good. Just stick to the diet and eat healthy and the results will be great. You do your part they do the rest. I am happy with the results and would do it again and would recommend everyone who wants to lose weight and inches to try this treatment.


After going in the process and being skeptical, I could not be more pleased with the results. After just three weeks I dropped a pants size. With the weight loss program, the weight is coming off, just the motivation I needed. I have more energy than I had for years.


After one week, clothes fitting better and feeling the weight loss to reach my goals.


I had three weeks of care and with guidance and advise, I have lost inches and pounds. My stretch marks cleared up and would advise doing this program to everyone.


I got 6 treatments and I am very happy with the results in the inner thighs. A lot smoother looking and feeling. Dr Ross and staff were respectful to me in my weekly visits. Thank you all.


Oh my goodness, amazing results! I must admit I was pretty skeptical in the beginning, but rather than drop $8,000 on a tummy tuck I though trying this was worth it. Boy was I right I lost a lot on my mommy belly and got a lot of my self confidence back. I will be back and the whole experience was incredible.

I was hesitant at first with trying this treatment. My initial consultation with Dr Ross was excellent. Dr Ross explained step-by-step the process and how the program works, was great and very professional. After each treatment I could see the results and at the end of the treatment, I was amazed. I am satisfied with my decision and plan to return. I would recommend this to my friends.

Maria S.

Prior to visiting Dr Ross office, I was suffering intense sciatica pain because of my pregnancy. Dr Ross took the time to explain what that was and how he could help. After visiting a few times, the pain was greatly reduced and almost gone. This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I am very pleased.

I came for the treatment because my daughter was coming to visit and waned to something special together to jump start us to get in better shape. The overall experience was fun for both of us and did get us started on our healthy program.

My daughter was able to able to only receive 4 treatment but did lose 2 inches. I took her extra 2treatments plus my 6 and lost a total of 8 inches. I am motivated to continue with the program of weight an inch loss.


I found Dr Ross and received 3 treatments and lost 3 5/8 inches. I chose to do the treatments on my hips. I have 4 children and exercise on a regular basis, but some fatty areas just won’t go away. This has helped a lot, thanks.


I began my treatments and was not sure what I was getting myself into. Once I saw the before and after treatments in was in complete shock. The results are great, and I will be coming back for more treatments


I had three sessions on my thigh, which was painless and saw improvement in the smoothness and circumference of my thighs. Total loss was 4 inches between moth thigh. Thanks so much.

The results were impressive. I want to get more treatments in the future.


This was a terrific way to start losing fat and inches. Lost over 4 ½ inches in my treatments.

Dr. Ross is an amazing Doctor! I have lost a total of 32 inches!! I am so proud of myself and I feel and look so much better. I was a size XXL in a dress and now I am a size Medium!! All his equipment is state of the art!! I plan on continuing this program for a long long time!!