Are You, or Someone You Know, Feeling A Bit Tubby?

Men & Women’s Health Centers of Florida LLC now offers the only non-invasive body sculpting in Central Florida…….introducing the Ultraslim red light LED system. The FDA cleared LED system uses a special LED light to stimulate fat cell to open up and drain the contents, thus reducing the size of the fat cell and getting rid of stubborn fat.

Men & Women’s Health Centers of Florida LLC is the only facility in Central Florida that offers the state of the art Ultraslim that is a Class II medical device that is rated as risk factor 1, the safest category of medical devices.

In addition, we also offer laser, ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency to further optimize your results.

Call now and schedule you free consultation/evaluation and see your results, you will be amazed.

Low level lipo-laser therapy emits cold laser energy into body tissues that are absorbed by fat cells, which are broken down and absorbed into the body.  Incorporating cool-laser technology for eliminating fat deposits around your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms and other areas of the body, Lipo-laser exposes unwanted fat to low-level laser energy that forces fat cells to expel lipids into your body. 

Once outside cells, this fat is assimilated by the body and eventually removed via natural processes. During treatment with laser, uses pads directly on the skin, which directs cold laser energy at the problem area(s).

Laser-Lipo Quick Facts:

Known as one of the most gentle fat reduction treatments today, Laser-Lipo is a Low Level Laser approved by the FDA for treatment of the waist, hips, and thighs. Treatments results are usually seen within several weeks. The average patient loses approximately 3.72 inches from the circumference of the waist, hips, and thighs in just 6 treatments (minimum recommendation).

  • Side Effects: Side effects are virtually rare. To date, no major side effects have been linked*. 
  • Pain Tolerance: Patients report a completely painless procedure. Some say it is the most relaxing 20-30 minutes of their day. The only sensation some patients report is an “awareness” of something on the skin, perhaps a slight warmth or tingling, but never pain. 
  • Best Candidates: For those who have aparticular problem areas (e.g., muffin top), but are not significantly overweight. Patients must be willing to undergo lifestyle changes and exercise after treatments are completed and follow the treatment plan as outlined by the doctor.
  • Duration per Session: 20-40 minutes

I am writing this because of the help I have received with my fat loss. I have lost a  total  8inches, now fitting back into my size 4 pants!…and continuing to lose fat. I am also putting this service, UltraSlim, into my SuperSlow Zone franchises. This information might be helpful to someone you know.

While I don’t have one of my own franchises locally [they are throughout the USA, Turkey and Colombia], I found this service, UltraSlim, with Dr. Ken Ross in Casselberry. He has been using it for 6 years with terrific success. He knows what he is doing.

My company extensively researched UltraSlim prior to adding this service. You can read about it and, it works! If you ever wanted to point at fat, and have it melt, this is how it works. Well, it is a bit more technical than that, but that is the gist of it. Of course its patented, FDA Approved, clinical trials, etc. While I exercise, eat right, sleep, etc. fat was creeping on at age 63! Be gone fat! If you need a little bit or a lot gone, this might be for you.

Madeline Ross
Founder | CEO

  • Dr. Supervised
  • Retain Muscle Mass
  • Safe, Effective, Easy and Simple
  • Inch Loss
  • Fat Loss
  • Metabolism Increase
  • Weight Loss